Windtree Education

Windtree Education is a California non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 in order to empower students to explore their talents in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) fields.

We currently offer programs in robotics, three-dimensional design, coding, and engineering, all of which provide students with supplemental educational opportunities outside of their regular school work that encourage them to engage with each other, learn, and have fun.

Windtree Education’s mission is to develop students into the talented makers and innovators of tomorrow by giving them the means to bring their imaginations to life.

We accomplish this by providing young students with educational opportunities that encourage innovation, build confidence, promote teamwork, and inspire them to become STEAM leaders.

Our Mission

At Windtree Education we encourage innovation, build confidence, promote teamwork, and inspire students to become STEAM leaders (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), and provide an equal education opportunity for them.

Based on Windtree’s unique educational kits and products, we have developed Windtree Education curriculum for K-12 students, as well as training courses for instructors, teachers, or educators. By teaching students at school sites, or online courses, about computer science, robotics, coding, 3D design, art, and engineering, we imbue in them the means to solve the problems of today and the future.

We deliver an equal education opportunity to the students from private or public schools, school districts, communities, including GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) students, migrant students, low income family students, special students and so on, to benefit all of them with the technology and educational philosophy to build up their future.

Educational Philosophy

Windtree Education’s method of teaching is one that makes use of connected learning by creating an encouraging environment in which students explore subjects that truly interest them. Through hands-on learning, students are constantly engaged with the material and are given projects to accomplish via trial and error and collaboration.

Rather than adhering to strict, predetermined curriculum, connected learning allows students the opportunity to delve into subjects that they care about in an engaging and dynamic manner, all the while bolstered by supportive peers and mentors. While not exclusively pertaining to technology, it is through technology that connected learning can truly flourish, allowing access to knowledge and opportunities to all students.

At Windtree Education, we strive to open up educational opportunities to students with early exposure to advanced subjects such as robotics, 3D design, coding, and engineering. We believe in teaching these interesting subjects in compelling ways that allow students to achieve great success down the road by igniting their curiosity in STEAM areas and inspiring confidence in their own abilities, as well as accompanying them with supportive mentorship. To achieve such goals, our curricula are designed from the ground up and are taught using the connected learning method.